How to Work Your Way to Your Very First From-the-Floor Push-Up

Push-ups are one of those classic exercises you see everywhere, from bootcamps to yoga flows to strength workouts—and probably even in your gym class flashbacks. But if you find yourself grimacing whenever they pop up in your programming, you’re totally

Kayne Collins 18 Min Read

For Active Aging Only is now available!

April 17, 2024 | BY: BODi April 17, 2024 BODi Getting older is a natural part of life — and Super Trainer Lacee Green is determined to make you feel great at every age! With the help of her mom

Pat Crawley 3 Min Read

Reverse Dieting: Understanding The Concept: HealthifyMe

Engaging in severe calorie restriction for rapid weight loss has long been a conventional dieting trend. However, such an approach is not sustainable in the long term, as the human body is not designed for prolonged restriction. Therefore, people are

Sam Hubbert 21 Min Read

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